Things to Know About Carla

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I was once snowbound for thirteen days.

I can’t whistle.

I am a cancer survivor. 

I used to be on a television show.

I’ve never been a great athlete, but I love sports and know a great deal about rules and strategy. I root for all the Houston teams, WVU Mountaineers, Pittsburgh Penguins and Steelers, and, of course, Roll Tide. (But I’ll help you root for your team if you want to watch together.)

I am afraid of puppets and marionettes.

I was first published at nine years old.

I had a pet deer when I was little.

I can play lots of instruments. (My first gig was at three years old.)

If I didn’t live in the United States, I would live in Florence, Italy.

I’m an introvert who’s a very good actress.

I have a gun and a dagger, but I want a new sword and a crossbow.

I tend to hold grudges. (I’m trying to do better.)

I am perpetually misunderstood.

I died once.

Things that make me happy:


  • Giving.
  • Old friends and new ones.
  • Family.
  • A front porch…and a back porch.
  • Hello Kitty.
  • Autumn and pumpkins.
  • Rocks and minerals.
  • Pets.
  • Vintage photographs and postcards
  • Snow Leopards.
  • The scent of lemons.
  • Memories of my grandmother’s lilacs. I can still smell them.

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