Welcome to the realm of the Warrior Saints.

Meet Mary, Deacon, Ivy, and Scout.

As far as they knew, they were about to start high school at Stonehaven Academy and be proud Stonehaven Saints—just like everybody else.

But a series of unexplained and unusual events causes them all to question the supernatural activity in their lives. How and why did it start, and what else was about to happen to them?

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In a supernatural battle of good vs evil, whose side are you on?

Mary Hunter isn’t like everyone else, and she’s known it for years.

From brutal fights in the supernatural realm with a demon-like presence, to battling obstacles in the halls of Stonehaven Academy, Mary knows she’s different.

She just doesn’t understand why.

A student at Stonehaven since kindergarten, Mary enters her freshman year as a typical good student and a promising member of the Saints soccer team.

Then it gets weird.

As her supernatural battles increase, she is drawn into friendships with others who seem to be as confused about their bizarre abilities and encounters as she is.

Now that Mary, Deacon, Ivy, and Scout have found each other, what is their purpose and why? And who gifted these newly-named Warriors, and how do they manage their powers and maneuver the confusing maze of school, family, romance—and the occasional demonic force?

Coming soon: Warrior Saints – Destroyer.